Transmitted and received pro generation after generation of the house plays a (peace be upon them) in the various countries of the world Baltobeiran loyalty and love for the people of Bayt (peace be upon them) through the thoughts and modality, in particular the thought of the renaissance of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) through multiple recalls and practice the values and principles which secure by Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and raised in it and make it systematic and behavioral reform in a nation grandfather the Messenger of
Allah (may Allah bless him and his family), and these countries are Malaysia, which is increasingly a household (peace be upon them), day after day, even more than today, some 30 of a Shiite living in different parts of Malaysia, they are considered religious activities and rituals Hosseinieh precisely the focus of attention of many, especially the state media that the movement of such events over a monthly ritual forbidden and zero, and more, the King of Malaysia himself gave a famous poem in praise of Abu Abdullah Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) and Rthaih on the day of Ashura, and know that the poem (on behalf of Hussein, King). It is noteworthy that there are a number of ministers in the Malaysian government sovereignty Chiawa Bmazlomip people affected after the House (peace be upon them), in addition to the presence of a large number of Shiites in the army and the royal guard, the Malaysian, and Muslims, Sheikh months (Mohamed Khalil Abdul Gayoom) and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, a former of Oman, as well as (Kamran Saleh), a businessman are more supportive of the existence of the Shiite in Malaysia, where the construction of three Shiite mosques in Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Sarawak, and the establishment of six and nine Hasinyat schools for religious education, which led to strengthen the awareness of the religious Shiites in Malaysia.
For more on the conditions of a household (peace be upon them) in Malaysia Journal of Najaf met Sayyed Hassan Alatas and have had this dialogue with him:

Najaf: How would you describe your feelings and you you descend the holy city of Najaf for the first time and usually meet the reclusive Sistani (long live)?
- For many years we were deprived of a visit to Iraq by the former Iraqi government and made my feet when Najaf did not believe that I myself, and I was in shock and awe Travgueni, I repeat to
myself what happened to me, is I'm actually in Iraq..?! On my way to interview Mr. Ali Al-Sistani, and after three hours from me to him (the Islamic Revolution) and I with him on the case of Malaysia and have a home there did not believe that I was with him and met him..!!
Oh dear brother I'm really happy to this visit and this meeting and I hope to come to the future. And think hard what we do and what we hope to do, particularly the issue of the study and to send Malaysian students to study in Najaf.

Najaf: How is the observance of Hosseinieh in Malaysia? How can you expect to be there the month of Muharram?
Insist like the rest of Malaysians have a home in various parts of the Muslim world to exercise their religious rites in the month of Muharram to express their love and loyalty to the imams in their home (peace be upon them), particularly the issue of Al-Hussein (peace be upon him), where Malaysians expressed their opposition to Zlimp exercised the right of the Messenger of Allah Ibn Bint (may Allah bless him and his family), and try to keep the issue of Mr. martyrs present in the hearts of his followers through an emphasis on the principles of God's peace revolution, and the month of Muharram, which permeates many of the programs, including the creation of the lectures and reading poems and Aellatmyat by preachers and Alroaded Upstream Arab and Iranian example, in the capital, Kuala Lumpur reading stage in the Iranian southern Malaysia read extremes Arab.. Now there are 10 students have learned in Malaysia promoted effective platforms for preaching and guidance of people and Ihdthonhm of Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) and on the tragedy on the day of the tenth of Muharram. To increase the interest we change our place in terms of forbidden programs remain in Kuala Lumpur for three days and then travel to another city and stay, and thus a certain period in the rest of other cities. Among the practices that we are in the Ashura, we have maintained a tradition for more than 20 years include the introduction of 200 children and divided into several groups and
each group consisted of 15 to 20 students and a competition among themselves in order to motivate the study and excellence which continues to husseiniya along the month of Muharram, in shut-man's land, even for one night and if it happens that there is no Hosseinieh be closed if we are to hold this programs in the home In the previous government husseiniya closed for a period of three years between the years 1998 to 2001 but the program did not stop in that period and continues to date.

Najaf: Will the followers of Ahlul Bait (peace be upon them) rites freely in Malaysia Hosseinieh or no harassment by the government or other communities and what is the reason for the closure of husseiniya by the government?
Yes, the Shiites exercise their freedom within any husseiniya us only. And are the largest proportion of Shiites in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, Prime Minister of Malaysia, we have named Abdul Aziz has a good relationship with the Shiites and the like, but the federal government in Malaysia and some of the areas of governance such as the Salafis in northern Malaysia (Perlis) They shut down these husseiniya. In other areas, the Malaysian state of the Shiites no problems. Why prepare a few Shi'ites in Malaysia compared with the population of Malaysia, which exceeds the 24 million now? Not previously had any presence of the Arabic in Malaysia, most of who are today a household are originally from the Sunnis and the Shiites have become, for this view that the Shiites have good relations with the Sunnis, and they practice their religion freely, attending classes and creeds and councils husseiniya. There are Shiites in various parts of Malaysia. Do you come out of religious attire worn by now in Malaysia? Of course not, I wear these clothes in Husseinieh only.

Najaf: What you can not go out and walk around the Kuala Lumpur?
I can not do so.

Najaf: What is the reason?
- Due to differences in culture and wonder of this uniform. Overall, the Shiite Muslims and others, and especially respect for the people to understand Shaafa'is House (peace be upon them) and atomic Prophet (may Allah bless him and his family).

Najaf: How to have entered the study in Malaysia, under the? Where is derived Alihuzoi educational attainment?
- My father became the Shi'ites when he was eight years of age and then became a family of Shia, and as long as my father used to say that the doctrine is the doctrine of the right of the house (peace be upon them) is why I often look to find a way to study the religion of the prophet Voders White (peace be upon them), I met friends from Pakistan, Shiites and went to Pakistan to study this doctrine, and some of my friends are studying at a religious school and have a good relationship with Iran and they send them to Iran, and I now put my children in the estate as well as scientific.

Najaf: Is there an agent in Malaysia for religious reference?

Najaf: How you shall be returned to the innovations of the issues?
- By Internet or telephone, as well as the process we have a message in Arabic and translated from Arabic.

Najaf: Do you have enough books to go to such things?
- Yes, thank God, we have a lot of books, we have about two thousand more than the title of this for the libraries are open for personal loans.

Najaf: This is for you, a student aware of how the case for the rest of the Shiites in Malaysia (thirty thousand)?
- We have a plan to solve this problem, is to read books that belong to the people of Bayt (peace be upon them) and then I Ojelbha is translated from Arabic into Almaloyp, and we bring the books translated and translate the books are not translated, and we have in Malaysia, 20 in each of Hussein Hussein, there are a small library, a small library, we have 20, and I was given the title of 100 to 200 per library, but some books are sold in these offices, for example, we are now publishing books translated and now we are still continuing translation and publication, these books are useful to our brothers the Shiites.

Najaf: Have you Tbleguep campaigns and the dissemination of cultural awareness, particularly in the Shiite areas distant educated person can read books, but how ordinary people?
- Yes, for example, I travel a lot as I do not stay in Kuala Lumpur, and may go beyond the distance of 500 kilometers, and I now have this thing where I go to a regular reporting and dissemination. What is the stage reached in the study, under the? I'm at the stage of the surfaces I think it's enough to report.

Najaf: How student phase surfaces in Malaysia?
In the surfaces, we have 50 students, ten of them effective, but only because of the problems of living.

Najaf: your words in the former there is a lot of suffering in the reporting process in Malaysia, what aspires to be achieved in Malaysia, especially for the Shia of Ahlul Bait (peace be upon them)?
The first point is that we do our mandate, we are the first generation of the Shiites, the second generation of our children and they may perform more than us, because the Shiites are the first generation of new, but we hope in the future better than the second generation. Thank you, Eminence, Mr. Aziz and I hope you a pleasant stay in Najaf. Thank you and I ask you to pray.

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    Dlm Al Quran yang menyebut 'ahlulbait', rasanya ada 3 (tiga) ayat dan 3 surat.

    1. QS. 11:73: Para Malaikat itu berkata: "Apakah kamu merasa heran tentang ketetapan Allah? (Itu adalah) rahmat Allah dan keberkatan-Nya, dicurahkan atas kamu, hai ahlulbait. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Terpuji lagi Maha Pemurah".

    Ayat ini jika dikaitkan dengan ayat sebelumnya, maka makna 'ahlulbait' adalah terdiri dari isteri dari Nabi Ibrahim.

    2. QS. 28:12: Dan Kami cegah Musa dari menyusu kepada perempuan-perempuan yang mau menyusukan(nya) sebelum itu; maka berkatalah Saudara Musa: 'Maukahkamu aku tunjukkan kepadamu 'ahlulbait' yang akan memeliharanya untukmu, dan mereka dapat berlaku baik kepadanya?

    Ayat ini jika dikaitkan dengan ayat sebelumnya, maka makna 'ahlulbait' adalah meliputi Ibu kandung Nabi Musa As. atau ya Saudara kandung Nabi Musa As.

    3. QS. 33:33: "...Sesungguhnya Allah bermaksud hendak menghilangkan dosa dari kamu 'ahlulbait' dan membersihkan kamu sebersih-bersihnya".

    Ayat ini jika dikaitkan dengan ayat sebelumnya QS. 33: 28, 30 dan 32, maka makna para ahlulbait adalah para isteri Nabi Muhammad SAW.

    Sedangkan ditinjau dari sesudah ayat 33 yakni QS. 33:34, 37 dan 40 maka penggambaran ahlulbaitnya mencakup keluarga besar Nabi Muhammad SAW. para isteri dan anak-anak beliau.

    Jika kita kaitkan dengan makna ketiga ayat di atas dan bukan hanya QS. 33:33, maka lingkup ahlul bait tersebut sifatnya menjadi universal terdiri dari:

    1. Kedua orang tua Saidina Muhammad SAW, sayangnya kedua orang tua beliau ini disaat Saidina Muhammad SAW diangkat sbg 'nabi' dan rasul sudah meninggal terlebih dahulu.

    2. Saudara kandung Saidina Muhammad SAW, tapi sayangnya saudara kandung beliau ini, tak ada karena beliau 'anak tunggal' dari Bapak Abdullah dengan Ibu Aminah.

    3. Isteri-isteri beliau.

    4. Anak-anak beliau baik perempuan maupun laki-laki. Khusus anak lelaki beliau yang berhak menurunkan 'nasab'-nya, sayangnya tak ada yang hidup sampai anaknya dewasa, sehingga anak lelakinya tak meninggalkan keturunan.

    Bagaimana tentang pewaris tahta 'ahlul bait' dari Bunda Fatimah?. Ya jika merujuk pada QS. 33:4-5, jelas bahwa Islam tidaklah mengambil garis nasab dari perempuan kecuali bagi Nabi Isa Al Masih yakni bin Maryam.

    Lalu, apakah anak-anak Bunda Fatimah dengan Saidina Ali boleh kita anggap bernasabkan kepada nasabnya Bunda Fatimah?. ya jika merujuk pada Al Quran maka anak Bunda Fatimah dengan Saidina Ali tidaklah bisa mewariskan nasab Saidina Muhammad SAW.

    Kalaupun kita paksakan, bahwa anak Bunda Fatimah juga ahlul bait, karena kita mau mengambil garis dari perempuannya (Bunda Fatimah), maka untuk selanjutnya yang seharusnya pemegang waris tahta ahlul bait diambil dari anak perempuannya seperti Fatimah dan juga Zainab, bukan Hasan dan Husein sbg penerima warisnya.

    Dengan demikian sistim nasab yang diterapkan itu tidan sistim nasab berzigzag, setelah nasab perempuan lalu lari atau kembali lagi ke nasab laki-laki, ya seharusnya diambil dari nasab perempuan seterusnya.

    Bagaimana Saidina Ali bin Abi Thalib, anak paman Saidina Muhammad SAW, ya jika merujuk pada ayat-ayat ahlul bait pastilah beliau bukan termasuk kelompok ahlul bait. Jadi, anak Saidina Ali bin Abi Thalib baik anak lelakinya mapun perempuan, otomatis tidaklah dapat mewarisi tahta 'ahlul bait'.

    Kesimpulan dari tulisan di atas, maka pewaris tahta 'ahlul bait' yang terakhir hanya tinggal bunda Fatimah. Berarti anaknya Saidina Hasan dan Husein bukanlah pewaris tahta AHLUL BAIT.

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